About - The Naga Group AG
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Core Market

At NAGA, we believe that the financial world is about to change. We build and shape companies of the future. We are on a mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector.


Global financial market


Global mobile users
The financial markets are about to change, and we embrace that.

The NAGA GROUP AG operates financial technology ventures with innovative business models. By offering a streamlined company building process we are able to pursue disruptive ideas in an organized and efficient manner. On our mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector we follow particular values. We stand for disruptive concepts, an experienced team and a strong technology focus. We passionately believe in technology and that there is a solution to every problem. We want to ease banking services and make it accessible to everyone.

Within a short period of time, NAGA developed to a leading German FINTECH Group.

From day one we were focussing on creating value for our customers. NAGA specifically targets the untouched and inefficient financial market. NAGA was founded in October 2015 and since then experienced a rapid growth. Till date we are working on three highly disruptive mobile only app projects and hold the required licenses.

We identify opportunities,

build companies

and shape the future of FinTech.

To build disruptive FinTech companies in many complex markets, we have developed a unique approach. NAGA systematizes and accelerates the process of identifying, building and scaling FinTech companies. Our advantage rests on three pillars.

All our ventures are focused on global expansion. From day one the product development and design are built for international expansion.


Based on a strong business infrastructure, including tax and legal support and a set of unique standardized processes, we are able to build and scale new companies with speed.


Our proprietary technology gives our ventures plug-and-play solutions. We use synergies and provide our ventures with state-of the-art-technology and support.

The Founding Team

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi

Executive Director

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi is a banking and finance professional and has been in the business for a long time. He is the youngest person in Europe ever to have obtained a banking license, and subsequently founded and ran his own investment bank successfully going public in 2007. Yasin is an investor in technology start-ups and film, but also co-founded the Global Citizen Foundation. He has a strong focus on finance, brokerage and technology. Indeed, he is a hands-on, passionate entrepreneur aiming to seriously disrupt current financial business structures.

Christoph Brueck

Executive Director

Christoph has many years of professional experience in law, finance and structuring and a proven track record regarding international transactions. Prior to founding and joining THE NAGA GROUP AG, he was a partner at a well-known law firm in Hamburg, Germany. Christoph holds degrees in law and economics. He is passionate about start-ups and finance. Besides being engaged in business, Christoph highly enjoys screenwriting and other creative activities.

Benjamin Bilski

Executive Director

Benjamin Bilski is a serial entrepreneur and former professional swimmer. At the age of 21 he co-founded angelplatz.de, one of Germany´s leading e-commerce shop for fishing equipment. During his entrepreneurial career he studied and graduated from EBS University as M.Sc. in Management. Benjamin Bilski is strongly technology-focused and has a deep understanding of eCommerce, finance, mobile and affiliate-based models.

The Leadership Team

Central Management

Wladimir Huber

Director of Business Development

Alexander Braune

Director of Business Development / Innovations

Andreas Luecke

Head of Legal

Sandra Panknin

Head of Operations / Finance


Chief Technology Officer